Implementing Agile PMOs

Are Your Projects Going Agile,  but the PMO isn’t?

Applying Agile Approaches to your Program Office

Agile Project Management approaches are increasingly replacing or complementing traditional Project Management methodologies. By using Agile methodologies at the Project Management Office level, Management is given a close to real-time view into progress across their projectys while allowing stakeholders greater control over the results. We have helped clients achieve as much as 150 % improvement in development velocity by using Agile Project techniques.

FitforProjects can help you accelerate organization–wide adoption of Agile practices by implementing Agile PMOs.  Introducing Agile principles at the PMO level helps to drive positive change in project management operations of all major projects and programs.

  • The organization sees immediate benefits though an increased focus on results that provide measurable business value
  • Individual project teams are empowered to self- manage.
  • Senior Management benefits by having all teams report progress at the same intervals.

Our experience has shown us that productivity increases dramatically if a planned and synchronized endeavor to introduce Agile project management practices is made via the establishment of an Agile Project Management Office.

FitforProjects’ Agile PMO implementation engagements begin by helping you finalize your Agile strategy.


We help identify and train a core team of your employees. This is the core group that will then help spread best practices throughout the organization.

In order to scale Agile across the enterprise, the initial ‘staging’ phase focuses on getting a product backlog  in place , with emphasis on architecture, code management and release management stories or requirements. In the initial Sprints, collaboration workspaces are setup to support the organization-wide Agile PMO. Agreement on release processes, code check ins and a “Definition of Done” is facilitated.  The Product vision is refined.

If there is a high degree of dependency between various projects , then  we work with your teams to deal with these dependencies by implementing a “Scrum of Scrums”.

A review schedule is implemented to allow all Stakeholders the opportunity to get informed on progress of all projects in a synchronized manner.

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