FitforProjects is a healthcare and IT consultancy focused on project management and data analytics. Our capabilities run the spectrum from providing excellent project management resources to implementing best-in-class PM processes and procedures to developing and deploying data analytics solutions to support critical business processes.

Key strengths that make the difference for our customers

1. Our people

Our professionals are highly skilled individuals, with a broad diversity of backgrounds and professional experience working on projects around the globe. They have a reputation for delivering results on the toughest projects by leveraging innovative approaches combined with proven leadership. Their skill mix helps them to quickly identify problems and find flexible and creative shortcuts to achieve your project goals.

2. Our approach to work

Highly structured and pragmatic – a contradiction? Not for us! Our FitforProjects project and data analytics toolbox is a set of structured approaches and tools, highly valued by our clients and proven again and again in practice. From that toolbox we select and adapt based on the particular client need. Sufficient rigor to keep control of the project, but just enough to avoid overhead. Our tools help us drive projects effectively – and they stay behind for you to use
on future projects.

3. Our focus – our partners

FitforProjects has extraordinary project and data management capabilities – this focus is a key reason for our outstanding quality. For other specialized expertise we work with selected strategic partners. Our partners have long-standing relationships with us. They share the same values. And they work seamlessly with FitforProjects on any client engagement.

About FitForProjects

Based in San Francisco, we specialize in dramatically improving organizational performance by utilizing pragmatic analytics and advanced project management techniques.

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