Agile Project Deployment

FitforProjects works closely with clients on active Agile project deployments.  We work at both a tactical/individual project level as well as at the PMO/strategic level with our Agile PMO Services.


Our experienced ScrumMasters work as embedded members of your team to train and coach on Agile best practices.  After validating a clear Product Vision, we help your teams create a Product Backlog of stories using a combination of classroom training and workshops.  The Product Backlog is a constantly evolving list of User requirements or User stories . An important part of coaching the team is to train the Product Owners to “groom the backlog” which means making sure that the Backlog represents the highest business value stories broken down to the right level of detail. Thereafter, we guide your teams in Sprint Planning sessions and setting up Sprints with coherent themes and goals.  Our Scrum coaches will assist your teams in getting the Sprint backlogs for individual Sprints in place.  At the appropriate time, training on estimating stories using Story Points and techniques for prioritizing stories are shared.  Daily standups and collaboration via internet enabled tools is encouraged.

Further Agile project deployment services cover Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives, and User acceptance. We usually wrap up projects by training your teams on executing pre-release Sprints.

Through the project, FitforProjects also ensures that the right amount of effort is spent in gathering useful project metrics and reports such as Sprint Burndown charts and team velocity. We believe in “pragmatic metrics” that go beyond mere statistical data gathering to actually evolve better work practices.

In addition, we can also provide hands-on Agile Project Managers/Scrum Masters on projects where you need highly-skilled assistance right away, need help in project course correction, or where it doesn’t make sense to hire/train your own staff.  (Read more)

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