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  • Agile Project Approaches for Senior Managers: Common Misunderstandings and Key Benefits

    Agile project approaches are en vogue these days. Hardly a day passes without a new article talking about the advantages of managing a project using an Agile approach like Scrum – so persuading senior decision makers to go “Agile” is not problem – or is it? In many organizations, the reality is that using an […]

  • Lessons-learnt a waste of time? – Part 2: Personal and Professional Development

    In Part 1 of this blog post (link), I listed three common reasons why so many project managers do not use a core PM tool “lessons-learnt”: “No one asked me to do it” “I don’t see much value in it” “I think there is value in it, but I don’t have the time (or budget) […]

  • Lessons-learnt – a waste of time? – Part 1 “Why”

    Are you wondering if it’s really worthwhile investing time conducting a ‘lessons-learnt’ session at the end of your project? You’re not alone: I recently ran two Project Management training programs at different companies in different countries with different cultures and asked: “Who is regularly performing lessons-learnt on projects?” And answer was the same: almost no […]

  • A PMO – the solution to all problems…or not?

    PMOs – Project Management Offices – are certainly en vogue these days, and have been for quite some time. Many organizations aiming to improve their project management have put the implementation of a PMO high on their wish list. But is a PMO really worth the money and effort? PMOs come in many shapes and […]

  • Stop Slowly Boiling the Project Frog

    You’ve probably read or heard of the story of the boiling frog, about an experiment involving a poor frog that is boiled alive. The story goes like this: if a frog is thrown into boiling water, it jumps out immediately. However, if the frog is put into cool water that is gradually heated, the animal will not […]

  • New FitforProjects Web Site Live

    Our new website is up and running – including this Blog. Many of our clients have asked us in the past: couldn’t you share some of your “real life” experiences on a regular basis. We think the blog will be a great way of satisfying this interest … And so keep checking in here for tips, tricks, useful books, […]

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