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  • What is Kanban? (and why should a PM Care?)

    Kanban (literally signboard or signal card in Japanese) is a  rapidly growing approach for managing IT activities as well as business/ operational processes.  Originally developed for Toyota in support of just-in-time/Lean manufacturing, Kanban has been repurposed by the IT industry where it is being closely linked with Agile/Scrum to create a hybrid that is sometimes […]

  • Do We Still Need Project Managers in a Lean and Agile/Scrum World?

    I’ve been helping companies introduce and adopt Lean and Agile/Scrum approaches in both IT and business departments for the last decade – and the question that continues comes up is: “now that we’re implementing a Scrum-based development approach, do we still need all these PMs and a separate PMO organization?” The answer is easy: the […]

  • Agile Marketing Campaign Development

    For the past couple of years FitforProjects has been involved in the management of projects where we are helping companies select and deploy marketing technologies – these tools are helping companies increase their marketing agility as they move to online and social media driven business models.  Interestingly, we are using Agile approaches in a non-traditional […]

  • Selecting Collaboration Tools

    In earlier posts I have discussed the increasing usage of collaboration tools and Matt Dusanic has posted on their importance in a distributed team environment.  This post will briefly discuss what to look for in a collaboration tool. What to Look For There are many collaboration tools available for use on Agile Projects.  Some of these […]

  • Collaboration Tools Are Critical in Distributed Team Environments

    It’s hard (for some of us!) to realize that Collaboration tools have been around for over twenty years (think Lotus Notes). And during that time their use and adoption has been problematic – but we live in a world where IT project teams are often spread across multiple buildings, cities, and continents. At least for […]

  • Agile Common Sense – What the Founders Believed

     The founders of the Scrum Alliance and earliest Agile practitioners always maintained that Agile is NOT a prescriptive process- it’s a framework. The original intent was to set out some principles and then allow practitioners flexibility in determining what works best for them.  But human nature being what it is, there will always be people […]

  • Six Rules of Successful Project Management

    Volume upon volumes have been (and continue to be) written about Project Management.  So it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees when trying to follow methodologies that can be hundreds of pages long.  To get a better grasp on what is really important, we’ve assembled a short list of six areas that every […]

  • Back to the Future: The Rise of Departmental Computing … 21st Century Style

    In the past couple of years I have been noticing a distinct trend, especially in marketing and sales organizations, towards developing departmental IT capabilities.  In some cases, this has extended beyond just a few web site developers to having a true “IT Department” responsible for development and maintenance of core systems like CRM (Customer Relationship […]

  • Book Review : Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products

    I just finished reading “Agile Project Management : Creating Innovative Products” By Jim Highsmith (Addison-Wesley Professional, July, 2010).  The author makes a compelling case for reviewing the traditional ways of measuring project and team performance when an organization chooses to use Agile Development approaches. The author emphasizes three key areas where Agile methodologies are different […]

  • Choosing a Great Product Owner – the Custodian of Customer Value

    Often when we introduce Agile methodologies to a client, we are asked to recommend someone from the business to be a Product Owner. The Product Owner’s role is crucial to the success of any Agile effort – after all, it’s the Product Owner who champions, owns, and maintains the Product Backlog.  The Product Owner also […]

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Customer: IT Department responsible for supporting online business Project Objectives: Improve overall Program Office ...

Agile Vendor Software Deployment

Customer: North America's largest providers of outdoor recreation media, services, and clubs Project Objectives:

Develop and Implement an Agile/Scrum-based IT Strategy

Customer:Trade/Specialty Magazine Publishing Company 12 publications associated with outdoor recreation Financial products for ...

Software Package Selection and Implementation – Web Publishing

Customer: The Industry Leader in Outdoor Recreation & Publishing Project Objectives: More easily create dynamic web-based applications - ...

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