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Agile Project Approaches for Senior Managers: Common Misunderstandings and Key Benefits

Agile project approaches are en vogue these days. Hardly a day passes without a new article talking about the advantages of managing a project using an Agile approach like Scrum – so persuading senior decision makers ...

Lessons-learnt a waste of time? – Part 2: Personal and Professional Development

In Part 1 of this blog post (link), I listed three common reasons why so many project managers do not use a core PM tool “lessons-learnt”: “No one asked me to do it” “I don’t see much value in it” “I think there is value in it, but I don’t have the ...

Collaboration without co-location

Agile Projects allow a project team (or "Scrum team")  to complete development in short-cycle iterations.  Agile project management methodology emphasizes team work and collaboration. This is achieved by "co-location": having all team members' work areas in close physical proximity so that conversation and collaboration is encouraged. In the ideal Agile ...

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