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North America’s largest providers of outdoor recreation media, services, and clubs

Project Objectives:

  • Migrate two major web sites from a custom/PHP-based environment to a state-of-the-art,  dotNet based web content management system
  • Build a standard set of templates and widgets that would allow for rapid development and deployment of new content, features, landing pages
  • Enable more effective SEO and SEM
  • Increase sales of product and services through better/faster A:B testing
  • Enable customized content based on user profiles


  • Utilize an Agile/Scrum, fixed price per Sprint, approach to vendor deliverable milestones
  • Develop and deploy an Agile collaboration tool to support site development
  • Introduce and train client and vendor staff in Agile/Scrum development
  • Use Agile to design, develop, and deploy two major B2C websites
  • Train SEO and Editorial/business staff in Agile Story writing
  • Build core set of widgets and backend-CRM interfaces that would meet most of the requirements for ~50 other sites
  • Enhance SEO/SEM uncharacteristic of the two sites
  • Develop enhanced revenue generation approaches for monetizing site content
  • Train business and technical staff
  • Deploy sites in Beta to solicit consumer feedback – and to market the sites
  • Deploy sites into production


  • In just three months FitforProjects :

    • Trained technology and business staff in Agile
    • Train developers in new WCMS technology
    • Developed over thirty major widgets – plus backend CRM interface APIs
    • Developed and deployed two major magazine web sites
  • Fixed price Agile Sprints gave the client a unique blend of budgetary predictability and business flexibility
  • Demonstrated 100%+ productivity increase between first two sites
  • Time to create sites reduced to ½ of the traditional development practices.  Future sites estimated  at 2/3rd effort (down to approximately 6 weeks per site)
  • 80% reuse of widgets and templates
  • Developed several innovative approaches to Agile that dealt effectively with:

    • Joint vendor/internal developer teams
    • Distributed development
    • QA at a Sprint and Product Release level
    • Technology interdependencies
  • Project managed the teams all the way through successful deployment and PM turnover to the client staff

What the Client Said:

FitforProjects surpassed all our expectations … We especially found their Agile development approaches invaluable for rolling out new web sites at a very rapid pace.    I highly recommend them for anyone who needs to move quickly on business-critical projects.

Joe Daquino, SVP Online Marketing

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