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Deploying Agile Methods – Online Development Department


IT Department responsible for supporting online business

Project Objectives:

  • Improve overall Program Office effectiveness
  • Deploy Agile techniques to the Online Development staff
  • Improve communications between IT and business staff
  • Improve staff utilization and productivity
  • Improve velocity of development


  • Develop project charter including identifying sponsors and major stakaholders (i.e., Product Owners)
  • Identify and select pilot projects
  • Identify and deploy collaboration tools
  • Introduce and train staff  in Agile development
  • Review and revise project planning approaches
  • Revise “Action Request” process to incorporate User Stories
  • Implement Agile-based reporting/metrics (Story Point/Burn Down Charts, etc.)


  • Project was sponsored by the President of the company
  • Project owner was the VP of Online Development
  • FitforProjects acted as coaches/mentors/trainers to VP and key development and business staff
  • Agile training was conducted as part of live projects
  • Six Product Owners were identified, covering all major online products/services
  • SharePoint was enhanced to support Agile-enabled collaboration and reporting
  • Communication with the internal customers dramatically improved
  • Velocity of development on Agile-based projects increased over 100%

What the Client Said:

FitforProjects worked with me and my Teams to rapidly implement improved program office practices based on their Agile PMO approach. They also introduced Agile development into our online development team (we loved their Scrum Master).  In both cases, we were impressed with their consultants knowledge, interpersonal skill sets, and communications ability.  These changes started improving our effectiveness and productivity almost immediately.  And, maybe more importantly, they significantly improved relationships with our various internal stakeholder groups. I would heartily endorse them to anyone who needs to quickly raise the bar on how you manage and run projectsm.

David Scifres, VP Online Development


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