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FitforProjects Program Office Solutions are focused on improving the overall execution of your programs and projects.  We look at areas such as development approaches, governance processes, leadership, portfolio management, and tools. Our services include strategic program-level assessments as well as execution-oriented engagements focused on implementing Agile development approaches, Kanban work management, overall Program Offices, and portfolio management systems.

FitforProjects “Pragmatic Project Management Success Model” underlies our solutions – and recognizes that the ecosystem of your project/program office organization consists of:

1) The complex mix of tactical projects, strategic programs, maintenance, and business initiatives
2) The inter-relationship of projects that can share the same resources, touch the same business processes or technology, and depend on each other’s output
3) The differing needs, priorities, and work styles of the many stakeholders

Program Office Solutions are designed to delivery a sustained cycle of change via repeatable  cycles of Analysis -to- Execution -to- Measurement and back to Analysis. The explicit goal of these services is measurable and sustained change.

Examples of other services we have undertaken include:

FitforProjects’ pragmatic Program Office Solutions helps our clients achieve and sustain project excellence. Contact us today to see what we can do for you !

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Based in San Francisco, we specialize in dramatically improving organizational performance by utilizing pragmatic analytics and advanced project management techniques.

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