Specialized topics for Project Managers and Business Consultants

FitforProjects specialized training courses cover some of the most common situations project managers and staff in project-driven consulting organizations face. The courses provide the usual set of pragmatic tools and practice-proven tips and tricks. Topics include successful business case development, business consulting skills, business analysis methods and more.

Course SPM-01: Business Case Development

Business Case by FitforProjectsMost projects start with a business case. Sometimes the project manager is involved in its preparation. Other times an internal business consulting function participates. For both teams, this course addresses the critical steps as well as formats to be used in preparing and presenting a business case. It is based on the business case work FitforProjects has done over the past 10+ years in preparing successful business cases.

Topics covered:

  • The business case to project process
  • Content of a business case
  • Problem statements: view of the stakeholders
  • Benefits and KPI identification
  • High-level costs/ appropriate estimation as part of a business case
  • Comparing options
  • Strategic decision criteria
  • Presenting the business case

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