Strategic Project Capability Reviews

How Effective is Your Project Management Ecosystem?

ProjectDNA Reviews Assess Your Strategic Project Capabilities

FitforProjects helps you develop and maintain world-class project delivery capabilities by stepping back and reviewing the most critical aspects of your organization’s project “ecosystem”.  The result is both a set of short-term, tactical suggestions that yield immediate benefits as well a longer-term strategic roadmap to more effective project management (for those interested in a more individual project assessments, please see our Project “Health Check” service).

Our focused assessments also include:

  • The complex mix of tactical projects, strategic programs, maintenance, and business initiatives
  • The inter-relationship of projects that can share the same resources, touch the same business processes or technology, and depend on each other’s output
  • The differing needs, priorities, and work styles of the many stakeholders


The Review, led by a senior managing consultant, is a fast, structured, and unique approach to identifying the right change levers needed to grow your project capabilities.

  • Fast: Consists of a couple of facilitated workshop(s), a series of short interviews with key stakeholders, and reviews of key process documentation/reports.
  • Structured: Utilizes FitforProjects pragmatic PM-Success model to benchmark against “industry best practices”.
  • Unique: Goes beyond process models and includes the entire ecosystem of your organization including people, perceptions, environment, history.

Actionable Results

At the end, you will have a documented picture of current strengths, risks, and opportunities.  But the Review goes farther; it’s really the first step in changing the organization’s project DNA by delivering:

  • Insight. A 360-degree view of how key stakeholders from inside your organization, outside it, and independent of it, perceive your current state-of-affairs
  • Communication. Stakeholders have a common understanding of where you are today and where you’re going
  • Action. A plan you can immediately turn into action with short-term results
  • Strategy. A longer-term roadmap that helps you make the right strategic decisions for growing your organization’s project DNA

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